How much is it?

Tickets are £10 per adult, babies & toddlers free.

Do we have to book in advance?

There’s no need to book, just turn up and pay cash on the door. We are hoping to be able to take debit cards in the near future. If you would like to pay for someone to attend a concert as a birthday present or other gift, just message us through the Contact page and we will arrange everything!

Is my baby the right age for your concerts?

Most certainly! There is no “right age” to hear live classical music, it’s for everybody!! However, our concerts are really for babies and toddlers (0-3) as this is the age mostly not catered for by traditional concert halls. The youngest audience member we’ve ever had was two weeks old! There’s really no baby too young to benefit from classical music. Even mums-with-bumps are welcome…babies can hear very well in there!

It’s half-term and my older child is off school. Can they come too?

Absolutely. We have an upper age limit to keep the atmosphere calm and relaxing for the smaller babies but we are flexible! We find mums and dads are great at knowing instinctively if their child will respond well to our concerts and we’ve had nothing but great behaviour from bigger kids so far. Bring them along!

Can I bring my buggy?

Yes. All our venues are buggy-friendly. We want mums and dads to be able to relax, rest tired arms & have a coffee during our concerts so we try to choose comfortable venues with plenty of space and good access for buggies.

How long is the concert?

Around 40 minutes of music followed by our “Come & Try!” sessions with mini instruments! People like to come a bit early to meet other parents or carers and have a chat with one of our free coffees and a bit of cake! All in all, the whole event lasts about an hour. Our concerts are a great place to make friends, and lots of mums make it a regular “meet-up”. The babies love to crawl around, explore their surroundings and interact with each other too!

So the kids actually sit still and listen then, really…?!

This was a genuine question on Twitter from one disbelieving dad, before he came to see with his own eyes. As we told him, the whole point of our concerts is that they don’t have to keep still, but YES they really do listen! Our favourite thing about playing concerts for babies and toddlers is that they are the most honest audience. They don’t know they’re “supposed” to sit and clap to be polite – the music either grabs them or it doesn’t! If the music soothes them, they lie down or cuddle Mum or Dad; if it gets them excited, we let them dance! Bounce them up and down on your knee, twirl them around to a Chopin piano waltz until they giggle or let them jump up and down…! You will be amazed at how often they just sit still, entranced by the musicians. It’s amazing to see. In fact, it’s more often the adults who have to be told to pipe down. We don’t mind the babies making a bit of noise but we do prefer the chat to be kept to coffee time, it is a concert after all!